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Have you noticed how Google Image Carousel is now dominating your local search results when using your desktop? The Google Image carousel strip appears to include a “condensed info card” for each business. Clicking on each card unveils much more information about that business below. Although it looks similar to the knowledge graph, the kind of additional information it provides eventually distinguishes it.

Information for each

  • Business Image
  • Total Number of Reviews
  • Price Range
  • Business Category
  • Zagat Ratings (for Restaurants)

The thing to note is that this Google Image Carousel can be very compelling for users to interact with, and therefore will act as a portal to other Google properties. This is a great time to ensure that your business profiles are accurately represented in the following Google sites:

  • Google+ Business Listing
  • Google Places for Business
  • Zagat

According to a post on Google Product Forum, there is no guarantee that your business will be chosen to appear in the Google Image Carousel. Google’s algorithms will include data from Google Maps using categories. If you need to change images, one place to start is the Google Places for Business.

You can start here
google places


  1. What are your thoughts about adding video to your site? Does it help your ranking with regards to the algorithm Google uses to place businesses in the carousel?

  2. I cannot tell how Google’s algorithm is used specifically, but great videos are always excellent for user experience. From my reading and experience, since Google’s Image Carousel takes into consideration data from both Google+ for Business as well as Google places for Business, placing your videos there only helps.

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