We just upgraded to WordPress 3.6 – what’s new?

Well, it has finally arrived. Wordpress ver 3.6. Back ups done, and our site has been upgraded. What’s changed ? hmm at first glance, not much.. so that’s the good news. Our upgraded site still works. Oh, and there is a flashy new theme, aptly called Twenty Thirteen.

Launched site

First time writing about a launch of a website.. but this is significant, at least to me. BMUC or Berkeley Methodist United Church started in or around what was Berkeley in 1892, as a branch of Oakland Japanese Methodist Church. With such a rich history, I am just so glad that I am able to be an extremely small part of their journey.

Responsive Videos

Responsive websites on both HTML and Wordpress sites are all the rage these days. Now, the same attention can be directed at videos that we embed on our sites.. call them elastic videos or responsive videos.. the effect is a better user experience for both desktops, all the way to a smartphone.

For my example here, I used a plugin called FitVids for Wordpress (we wordpress users are so lucky..

CSS Image hover

This is an example of using pure CSS to switch images in and out of hover states. In this example, I show what a site looks like now, and when you ‘hover’ over the image, it will show you what it looked like before.

Google Image Carousel appearing on your local search results

Have you noticed how Google Image Carousel is now dominating your local search results when using your desktop? The Google Image carousel strip appears to include a “condensed info card” for each business. Clicking on each card unveils much more information about that business below.

Presented @ New Chamber Member Drive

Had a blast, presenting at the recent San Ramon Chamber of Commerce ‘New Membership Drive’. My presentation showed how members can improve their web presence by taking advantage of what the Chamber has to offer, starting from

Backlink from a strong domain (sanramon.

Google Search Engine Optimizer Starter Guide 2013

If you have questions on how Search Engines rank, or presents results and how your website should be designed, and content developed to maximize it’s potential, then this document, produced by Google and released recently is a MUST READ.

Another interesting document also recently produced by Google is a great looking infographics detailing how search works.

Email Marketing

How to add a Facebook like box to WordPress

There are several Facebook Social Plugins you can implement on your Wordpress site. The entire list can be found here
Here are the steps I took to place a Facebook Like Box plugin on my site.

Need to manage all my cloud storage – part 1

Been on a signing up rampage for FREE cloud storage, and ended up with close to 50GB of free cloud storage. Now the fun begins. How do I effectively manage all these free storage. I will be looking for answers with applications like Primadesk and the likes. Welcome suggestions.

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