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We just upgraded to WordPress 3.6 – what’s new?

Well, it has finally arrived. WordPress ver 3.6. Back ups done, and our site has been upgraded. What’s changed ? hmm at first glance, not much.. so that’s the good news. Our upgraded site still works. Oh, and there is a flashy new theme, aptly called Twenty Thirteen. Major work has gone into post editing locking, meaning an ‘Editor’ when working on a post will lock out all others to work solely to manage revision controls. Revision controls is awesome. It presents different versions visually,  as well as keeps track of the changes made from each revision. There is also
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Google Search Engine Optimizer Starter Guide

If you have questions on how Search Engines rank, or presents results and how your website should be designed, and content developed to maximize it’s potential, then this document, produced by Google and released recently is a MUST READ. Another interesting document also recently produced by Google is a great looking infographics detailing how search works. Read Google’s Search Enging Optimization Starter Guide
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