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Google Image Carousel appearing on your local search results

Have you noticed how Google Image Carousel is now dominating your local search results when using your desktop? The Google Image carousel strip appears to include a “condensed info card” for each business. Clicking on each card unveils much more information about that business below. Although it looks similar to the knowledge graph, the kind of additional information it provides eventually distinguishes it. Information for each Business Image Total Number of Reviews Price Range Business Category Zagat Ratings (for Restaurants) The thing to note is that this Google Image Carousel can be very compelling for users to interact with, and
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Google Search Engine Optimizer Starter Guide

If you have questions on how Search Engines rank, or presents results and how your website should be designed, and content developed to maximize it’s potential, then this document, produced by Google and released recently is a MUST READ. Another interesting document also recently produced by Google is a great looking infographics detailing how search works. Read Google’s Search Enging Optimization Starter Guide
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