It is estimated that the overall services will span a period of 3 weeks, with 3 hourly phone meetings with the client.


Discussion with client on company’s vision, product strengths and general positioning in the competitive landscape

Website Audit

WEBivia will proceed and perform an in-depth analysis and review of the clients’ website, with an eye towards the provided client’s vision, versus the realities.

Website Audit Report

WEBivia will present a comprehensive Website Audit Report, listing key immediate actions to take, as well as long term recommendations for improvements.

WEBivia’s responsibilities

  • Provide baseline page ranking
  • Competitive keyword analysis
  • Keyword phrase nomination to use
  • Setting up of Google/Bing’s website tools
  • Provide client with content development recommendations
  • Submission of sitemaps to Google/Bing
  • Setup of Google+ for Business
  • Setup of Google places for Business
  • Setup of 301 redirects for pages that are renamed as part of this exercise

Client responsibilities

  • Develop content in-house, or contract out for content development

On-page Optimization

  • Consultation on web page structure
  • With content provided by the client, implementation of webpage according to the known guidelines that Google publishes
  • There is a fee per page optimized


While the scope of this project does not include new content development for the website, it is expected that new content be developed as part of the overall SEO exercise.  Image galleries (pages where multiple images are hosted, generally more than 8 images) are not included for tagging updates, but instructions on how to make this change will be provided.


All work performed using our service will not guarantee a specific ranking on Google or Bing.


Payment is expected upfront, either online or by check.

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