Social Media Marketing

Social-media-marketingServices we provide in this wide space of Social Media Marketing starts from the basic start up and setting up of the various applications and add-on tools to make it easier to manage, all the way to planning and executing a Social Media based marketing campaign.

Several questions do need to be answered first, to see if there is indeed has an acceptable return on the investment in terms of time and effort for all parties:

  • are goals achievable?
  • is your website ready for social media integration?
  • Is SEO planned and integrated into existing website?
  • do we have content to support a social media campaign?

While there are so many social media tools out there, we at Webivia is only able to support the following platforms for now – facebook, linkedin, Constant Contact, twitter and Youtube. We cannot stress enough of the importance of great quality content that is required to support and on-going social media campaign. This is the reason that we work deligently to partner with copywriters that can excel in this area.

If you are located around the San Francisco East Bay area, and would like to discuss how we can help with your social media marketing needs, please call or contact us.