Webivia is a website design company located in San Ramon, California with a service area that spans the San Francisco East Bay area and focuses on small business owners looking for an affordable and effective website that not only looks great, but engages and compels visitors to the site with an appropriate and measurable call to action.

We at Webivia love talking latest web technologies, but we also truly believe that an often neglected aspect of an effective website design is the need to spend time and effort towards the planning and development of the website’s content, written to an individually targeted client.

Great website design needs great content and wordsmith skills. This is the heart of any well written Websites, where meta page titles, Website page descriptions and Website page keywords plays an important part of being appropriately indexed and being able to be ranked higher on generic web searches.


Content Plan

  • Objectives of Website
  • Target audience
  • Call to actions (at every page, if possible)
  • Content by Pages
  • Menu structure
  • Content update frequency


Website Design Elements

  • Graphics elements – color, look and feel
  • Align appropriate images or videos with content
  • Social Media integration


Keyword Analysis

  • Integrate client’s Unique Value Proposition
  • Research best performing keyword phrases


Content Development Stage

  • Either Client develops content or engages a CopyWriter
  • Website Page Templates are provided


Website Creation Stage

  • Setup Web Hosting services, if appropriate
  • Creating prototype for look and feel review
  • Inserting Website Page content
  • Designing menu structure and links
  • Ensuring SEO guidelines are met
  • Checking sitemaps, and check for broken links
  • Install Google Analytics codes
  • Review code on multiple browsers


Website Deployment Stage

  • Submit site to Bing, Google for index
  • Ensure domain points to site *with no duplicates
  • Back up site